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Continuity Stand 2
A laptop setup is much easier on the back and neck than working out of a 5 pound notebook. Jessica, pictured left, looks straight forward between the screen, monitor, and actors with good posture as opposed to crouched over a notebook. Her hands and lap are free from the notebook allowing her to get more quickly to the director, DP and actors. If she needs to go talk with an actor, she brings her sides. The stand takes up very little space and can be used anywhere.

The stand is manufactured with the highest standards of quality and workmanship. It is a very sturdy and professional product, very smooth to raise and lower and easy to set up.
Folded Script Supervisor Stand
Folded Stand

Heavy Duty Stand 2   Heavy Duty Stand

The above stand on the left is attached to the standard table (9 5/8" x 12"). The stand above on the right is attached to the mouser table (9 5/8" x 18"). A jumbo table (12" x 18") is also available. Notice that the footprints in the above two pictures are set at two different sizes and are infinitely adjustable for stability or space conservation to fit your alotted working space on set.

Click here to see different pictures of the three table sizes.
Using Stand
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