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Q: What production formats does Continuity support?
A: Continuity supports every film and video format from feature films to television drama and sitcom, commercials, music videos, infomercials, shorts, documentaries, etc - any production with a script, treatment, or outline. Breakdown functions work best on single column scripts.

Q: How do I get the script into Continuity?
A: The Continuity CD provides viewers for Final Draft®, Movie Magic Screenwriter® and ScriptThingô scripts, courtesy of Final Draft, Inc. and Screenplay Systems, Inc. Continuity can use these viewers to import your script. For other script file formats, instructions are given in Continuity's user manual as to how to import each type of script file. If it is not possible to obtain the actual script file - instructions are given as to how to scan in a hard copy of the script for import by Continuity and converting it into the smart, searchable text that can be read by the breakdowns.

Q: Will my Continuity script look the same as the printed hard copies handed out to the crew?
A: Yes - provided that production gives you the same file they printed the other scripts with, Continuity will preserve all script formatting and pagination.

Q: How easy is this program to use? I donít use computers very often and donít want to undergo a treacherous learning processÖ
A: This program was designed to be just like putting pen to paper. It is very intuitive and quick to learn.

Q: Do I need to have a Mac or a PC in order to use Continuity?
A: This software works on both computer platforms.

Q: I donít type very fast, will I be able to keep up with the fast pace on set?
A: Even if you don't type very fast, Continuity can be a beneficial tool on set due to the fact that it makes shot coverage lines so quickly. This alone will be a great time saver. The pre-production breakdown features cut prep time so significantly that Continuity is a great tool to have even if you don't wish to bring a computer to set.

Q: Iím afraid of my laptop becoming damaged or stolen on set - how do you keep your laptop safe without constantly worrying about it?
A: Keep watching this website - a stand specially designed for script supervisors is coming soon! It is light weight, has locks for security, and is very difficult to knock over.

Q: I still donít think I can change over from pen and paper to a computerÖ
A: Keep watching this website - clipboard computers are coming soon. A PC platform, they run all the standard software like Word and Excel, are lightweight, and allow a user to write directly on the screen, or plug in a keyboard.

Q: My laptop is a MAC but my full-size computer at home is a PC and is my only computer with a printer. How can I print my notes on the PC?
A: Any Continuity script can be viewed and printed by a PC or MAC regardless of which computer platform it was created on. The other computer doesnít even need to have Continuity installed in order to view and print the script.

Q: Does Continuity allow me to draw screen direction sketches?
A: Yes, sketches can be drawn anywhere on the script pages or forms.

Q: How can I get an image from the video tap into my computer, and what hardware is required?
A: Seminars in Los Angeles and New York will be offered in the coming months detailing how to set up a computer for image capture with the different types of monitors and displays used on film and video sets.

Q: If I am working on a reality-type show which makes up the script as it goes along, or an unscripted music video type show, can Continuity help me?
A: Yes. The shot logging features will definitely come in handy. When it comes to creating a script page out of nothing - this is also possible by inserting blank pages into Continuity. You can then paste pictures onto the pages, and essentially create your own script as you go along complete with all the necessary coverage lines.

Q: Will a demo version of Continuity be offered?
A: An demo will not be offered due to licensing constraints of some technologies Continuity uses with its program structure.
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